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Welcome to our Radio Newsletter

It's always fun here at HealthyLife.Net. Positive too even when we pick up and tell the stories that traditional media doesn't present. We make sure to have the most positive hosts on the planet for your positive listening pleasure. Many hosts come but few are chosen because we only want the one's that care about you and walk in integrity and truth. Why? Because you are all that important to us. So look forward to and enjoy these upcoming new hosts and as they help us have a happy, healthy life.

Sylvia Gayed

New Upcoming Shows

Coming in May...

Sylvia Gayed
4th Thursday Every Month, 9 am PT, 12 pm ET

Sylvia Gayed, owner of Manhattan Tax & Accounting, has more than 15 years in tax and accounting experience. After earning her bachelor of science degree with an emphasis in finance and accounting, she interned with Universal Music Group and then worked as a senior financial analyst for Universal Music Publishing. She was hired by Deloitte Consulting—one of the “Big Four” top accounting firms worldwide—for a controller position. Sylvia started Manhattan Tax & Accounting in 2005 and provides various accounting services including individual, business, corporate & LLC tax preparation; tax planning; bookkeeping and payroll; and business incorporation.

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Free Yourself to Forgive
by Guy Finley -
Radio Host of "Guy Finley Live! "
3rd Tuesday every month, 9am PT

It is impossible to change the relationship we have with the world around us without changing the relationship we have within ourselves. This is the secret teaching of the ages.

Our task, if we want to be free human beings -- if we want a life in which we no longer carry around with us "what he did," "what she didn't do," "what never worked out" -- begins with discovering that there can be no real freedom for us until we understand the nature of the tyranny of the past that still lives within us. And one of the main areas of this unchallenged dictatorship that still holds us captive is our inability to forgive.

Do you know people -- maybe who aren't even alive anymore -- that you haven't been able to forgive? Are there certain events in your life you just can't release? You should know by now that what you can't release isn't the person or the condition that you see as being the source of your pain. What seems to be "stuck" isn't an old situation you can't release; it's a thought.

Over and over again, certain negative images -- crammed full of the conflict felt in the moment of their creation -- are unconsciously revisited by a part of us that actually wants that dark visitation. Why? Because this familiar pain confirms, in a very strong fashion, our certainty of who we are by re-creating what once happened to us in life. Something in our own mind actively recollects what it does from our past, regardless of how it wrecks the present moment for us. To be punished by any past presence is to be a prisoner of your own past.

There is freedom in realizing -- seeing the truth of the fact -- that whatever is holding you captive right now has no right to do so. None! The split second that you see you're a captive of your own mind, you have the freedom to challenge it because now you are starting to think toward your own negative states instead of thinking from them.

Forgiveness comes with realizing that whenever you start thinking about someone or something from the past, you have literally been lured into the "presence" of that past event. And in that moment, there can be no forgiveness because the "you" living it out (again!) can't forgive anything any more than an image in a pond can make clear the waters in which it is being reflected. Seeing this as being true effectively ends not just the wrong relationship you have with your own mind in that moment, but it also ends the feeling that someone else is to blame for your pain.

We cannot let go of any pain without letting go of the self in which this pain lives on. If you want to have real forgiveness, it begins with giving yourself up each and every time some past presence presses its will upon you. Use the will of this new understanding to lay down your "self" when you see that it is needed. Do this, and I promise you that who gets up won't be the same "you" that laid down your life. Something new will rise where you once were, and it will be free from the past... which means you will be free to forgive.

Guy Finley is the best-selling author of more than 40 books and audio albums on self-realization, including "The Secret of Letting Go," "The Essential Laws of Fearless Living," and his brand new book "The Secret of Your Immortal Self." He is the founder and director of Life of Learning Foundation, a nonprofit center for self-study located in southern Oregon where he gives talks four times each week. Guy is a faculty member at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York and is a regular expert contributor to Beliefnet and the Huffington Post. For more information and to download Guy's Free 60-minute MP3 seminar "Five Simple Steps to Make Yourself Fearless," visit

Jesimiel R. Jenkins
Host of: The Welcome Table
4th Monday Every Month, 9am PT

Each month we focus on one of our hosts.This month we are talking to Jesimiel Jenkins who is a sociologist, singer, actor, writer, host, food enthusiast and Virginia gentleman.

HRN: What inspires your passion for connection?
Curiosity mostly. I'm a naturally curious person. I've always been curious about people, their experiences, why they think and act they way they do. And I often wonder how someone's experience or behavior mirrors my own. I'm fascinated by the ways our lives and behavior intersect and parallel. I think once we understand that we are more alike than different, we can advance and progress more effectively as a society.

HRN: Share a favorite inspirational quote.
"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight." -Khalil Gibran

HRN: Who are some of the music artists you most admire?
So many. To name a few... Paul Robeson, Harry Belafonte, Leontyne Price, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, Gregory Porter, Rachelle Farrell, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Audra McDonald (inevitably I've forgotten some).

HRN: List three words that best describe you?
Curious. Affable. Generous.

HRN: As a food enthusiast, what's on your favorite plate?
I LOVE raw kale (typical I know). It's my favorite side salad or garnish right now. I squeeze lemon juice over the leaves, a drizzle of olive oil, sprinkle of salt and freshly cracked black pepper and massage the leaves with my fingers for about 15-30 seconds. The oil relieves the bitterness and the acid from the lemon breaks the leaves down just a bit for tenderness. Delicious!

HRN: Past or present, who would you enjoy having a think tank with?
Frederick Douglas

HRN: Where in the world would you most like to visit?


HealthyLife.Net Host Events:

On-Going-Merlin, OR: Guy Finley -Guy Finley speaks every Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at the Life of Learning Center, 459 Galice Road, in Merlin, Oregon 97352. Visit

April 2017

April 5 Redondo Beach, CA: Linda Mackenzie Healing Circle (310) 371-5444

April 8 – 10, Cave Creek, AZ: Sarah Jeane s Create Sacred Space For info:

April 15– 16, Thousand Oaks, Ca: Lynn Andrews First Year’s Writing Group Gathering. See

April 22 Woodstock NY: Susun Weed Spring Tonics, Spring Treasures Join Susun for a wild ramble as we encounter and learn how to use the special green allies of spring. Visit for more info.

April 21-23: Gore Mountain, NY Robert Moss Spring on the Magic Mountain

April 1-3 Abbotsford, British Columbia: Dr. Theresa Nicassio Gluten-Free Living Show 2016 For info:

May 2017

May 3 Redondo Beach, CA: Linda Mackenzie Healing Circle (310) 371-5444

May 6 -7 Ann Arbor, MI: Robert Moss: Dreaming the Soul Back Home Visit

June 2017

June 7 Redondo Beach, CA: Linda Mackenzie Healing Circle (310) 371-5444

June 16 – 18, Paradise Valley, AZ: Lynn Andrews “How Wisdom Comes: Dreaming with Our Spirit Council,” Lynn’s 28th Annual Spring Gathering, Joshua Tree at Camelback Mountain. See

July 2017

July 1, Online: Lynn Andrews Session 2 of Writing Spirit, The School, Learn more

July 2-7, Big Sur, CA: Dawson Church EFT Training 1-3 at Esalen Institute See

July 9-14, Rhinebeck, NY: Linda Mackenzie Expand Your Psychic Ability. A hands-on, fun, informative mentoring workshop to explore 17 different abilities and energetically expand your own. For info: Sign Up: Omega Institute


Natural Tips for Surgery: The Mind
by Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D. (c)

Having surgery, whether elective or unexpected, can be a traumatic experience but there are some natural things that you can do on a mind level that may aid your healing process and boost a better, positive outcome. Remember every body is different. Select the ways and methods that feel right for you.


  •  Do remember that YOU are responsible for your body
    No one knows your body better than you do. Your doctor is going by generalities but every body is different so don't give away your power to anyone. Take the responsibility of yourself. Here are some tips on how you can work WITH your doctor:

    - Before having surgery ask your doctor the right questions: Why, How, What, When, Where; what
    happens if I don't have surgery; are there other alternatives other than surgery; what are the risks and benefits; what % of these types of surgeries are successful; how long is the recovery period?

    - Get at least one or two other medical opinions prior to having surgery.

    - Tell your doctor about the medications, herbs and supplements you are taking. Most Western MDs are not familiar with alternative therapies, including herbs, but that does not mean they do not work.

    - Consult with your doctor to see if you can have less invasive laparoscopic surgery for your procedure.
    - Ask about the risks and effects of anesthesia.

    - Ask questions and do not apologize for asking questions. Remember you're paying the Doctor. He is working with you as a partner, not as a Medical Deity or your boss. Make a list of your questions prior, during and after each meeting with your doctor so you don't forget them and ask them!

    - Be persistent and use caring assertiveness.

    - Participate as much as you can in your healing process.
  •  Do Deal with Your Emotions
    Learning that you are going to have or getting surgery comes with its very own pack of emotions: denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and acceptance. Learning to cope and deal with this in positive ways can help your healing process. You are what you think - so for a positive outcome - THINK POSITIVE! Here are some of the emotions you may have to deal with and some suggestions on how to handle them:

    - Denial or "Numbness": Look to balance your mind and work on looking at the real picture until you work your way into acceptance.

    - Anger: acknowledge it, take an appropriate action (e.g., Punch a pillow, go into a room by yourself and scream, walk around the block, draw a picture) then let it go.

    - Sadness- Let it out and cry, get support from friends, loved ones or a support group, start and write a your own healing journal, do artwork therapy, write a letter to yourself.

    - Worry - is a useless emotion which accomplishes nothing and eats up your time. Time in which you can be doing something positive to help your healing process. When you get a "worry" thought acknowledge that you have it and let it go immediately.

    - Change your emotions to positive ones like hope, joy and happiness.

    - Make your Environment Happy. Bring your favorite personal pictures, paintings, music, flowers and plants, aromatherapy fragrances with you to the hospital or even spruce up your room at home.

    - Avoid negative people and situations.

    - Make a list of supportive people and groups in your life and use the list!
  •  Nice To Use: Aromatherapy
    Aromatherapy Oil Activity that aid, help or restore…
    Rose, Lavender, Neroli, Bergamot, Chamomile Anxiety
    Frankincense, Sandalwood Fear & Insecurity
    Jasmine, Grapefruit, Neroli, Sage,
    Ylang, Ylang
    Jasmine Lack of Confidence
  •  Do Face Your Fears:
    Once you get a clear picture from your doctor on what is going to happen to you before, during and after your surgical procedure you will have eliminated some of the fears. If other fears persist as to outcome, possible death, etc. remember a couple of things:

    - The only thing to fear is fear itself. You are in God's hands and will be all right - no matter what. Even if death occurs remember that it is not the end, but a transition. There is life on the other side, so you really never die you pass over to a better place. So reconcile with your fear of death.

    - You create your reality with your thoughts. So if you feel, know and trust that the outcome will be positive and that you will heal - YOU WILL.

    - Positive Energy resonates to a higher energetic frequency than negative. Positive energy that can make you feel good and help you face your fears can be activated by thought. The higher frequencies correlate with the upper chakras (esoteric electrical energy centers in the body) starting with the heart chakra and up to the crown chakra. To activate these centers -BUZZ. That's right just buzz like a bee. You will be surprised as to how this works.

    - Another helpful hint for fear is to BREATHE. Breathe in through the nose slowly and deeply and then breathe out with the mouth in a rhythmic pattern. This will immediately lower your pulse and heart rate and get you centered. Physically it activates the Vegas nerve which is the major quieting nerve in the body. The Vegas nerve starts at the base of the brain and branches out to the heart, lungs and intestinal track. By just breathing deeply it automatically quiets your body and centers you.

    - Remember fear is your friend, not an enemy. Society teaches us that fear should be avoided but you can reprogram your mind to make fear a friend. You can always learn something you fear and once you learn it the fear usually doesn't come back.

    - Remember there are 4 steps to managing fear and turning it into a positive emotion:
    1) Acknowledge your fear;
    2) Feel how the fear is affecting your body;
    3) Think about and determine what the best action is and
    4) Do the action. Putting off the action delays releasing the fear.

    - Let go of your fear, ego, rigid goals, expectations, negative attitudes and negative feelings and replace them with to Living in the Moment, trust, hope, positive intention and attitudes and positive feelings.
  • Nice To Use: Bach Flower Remedies
    Bach Flower Remedy Activity that aid, help or restore…
    Rock Rose, Aspen, Cherry Plum Fear
    Gentian, Cerato, Hornbeam Uncertainty
    Crab Apple, Willow, Elm Despair
    Rescue Remedy Stress
  •  Do Deal with Stress
    To help your healing process here are some helpful hints you can use to deal with stress before, during and after surgery:
    - Use the POWER of Positive thought and positive intention
    - Meditate
    - Practice Relaxation for Rejuvenation
    - Use Visualization or Self-Hypnosis. You can visualize a time when you were in perfect health and everything was going 100% right in your life. Then anytime you are having a stressful time go back to that place, visualize it and feel the joy and happiness.
    - Listen to calming music
    - Pamper yourself with a candlelit bath, etc.
    - Use color therapy like soothing blues and greens.
    - Take a 1 minute stress break. Close your eyes. Tell yourself you are going to be stressed for 1 minute and at the end of 1 minute you will be stress free. It works!
    - Look in the mirror and use Positive Self-Talk to describe the outcome as you want it to be.
    - Avoid using negative words like I can't, I won't, I shouldn't, I couldn't. Replace them with I can, I will, etc.
    - Live in the Now, not the past or the future
    - Don't try to control things
    - Feel, trust and know things will be all right and they will



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From the Editor's Desk   

APRIL - Flowers and Forgiveness

With March gone Spring has already become official... and if the chemtrails don't messup our weather too much, we might even be able to get a bit more warmer and healthier this April. There are so many things that may make you feel that you don't have power over the outcomes but, in truth that is not right. Every thought in your head can and does affect and have an effect on not just your mind but your body and spirit as well. Negative emotions can make you sick, while positive emotions boost your immune system.

As Spring renews the Earth with possibilities might I make a suggestion to plan and implement a positive renewal in your life this Spring too. If the saying is true that April Showers bring May flowers than if we prepare and get rid of as much negativity within our minds then by the time May comes around we should be in a place to appreciate, and even feel, the beauty of the flowers.Not only will you feel better but you will contribute to the whole and make everything better - since we are energetically connected.

One of the ways you can help get rid of negativity is through forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. You shouldn't forget but you really should forgive. That means even forgiving yourself. Sally Kirkland once told me she wakes up in the morning and forgives everyone who has hurt her and she even forgives herself. Then she starts her day free and clear of any negative attachment to things that have happened in the past. This propels her into living in the moment, which is where we all should be since in reality the moment is all that really exists. Sounds like a good practice to me - although you do have to work on not repeating the things you have forgiven.

This month our hosts are there for you...On Apr 11 at 12pm James Bean talks about The Path of Love (Bhakti); April 6 Donna Parker at 11am talks about Mind, Body, Spirit Transformation; On Apr 7 at 9am PT join Sarah Jeane's radio show Love the Angels to find out about how and why to Create a Sacred Space; On April 11th join Actress Mackenzie Phillips to talk about Hopeful Healing on the Linda Mackenzie Show at 8am PT; on April 14 joiun Sharkie at 10am PT to talk about Navigating Transitions and on 4/18 at 9am PT join Guy Finley as he tells you how to Kick Discouragement Out of Your Life Forever. There so much more too. Every week check out our guest and topic schedule weekly at this link:

And don't forget if you missed a show you can listen on-demand or download a podcast after its original air date for 3 smonths by Clicking the Podcast/Download Button on our home page or click here now.

So let's bring in the Flowers and forgiveness. Be kind to each other - that doesn't have to cost anything.

Much Love & Light

Linda Mackenzie, Editor
E-mail: Subject Line: Newsletter Editor
Tuesdays 8am PT


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