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Welcome to our Radio Newsletter

It's always fun here at HealthyLife.Net. Positive too even when we pick up and tell the stories that traditional media doesn't present. We make sure to have the most positive hosts on the planet for your positive listening pleasure.

Dave Nassaney

Caregiver Dave
w/Dave Nassaney
3rd Mon each month, 2 pm PT, 5 pm ET
Dave, the Caregiver's Caregiver, gives you the stories, tips, resources and knowledge you need to navigate the path of caregiving, without burnout.


In Memoriam...

Barbara Southworth, Host of the Marijuana State Report, passed over unexpectedly on August 8, 2018.
A wonderful, insightful host loved by all, our prayers and love will continue to go out to her beyond the veil.


Wayne Powell

Powell to the People
Mondays, 1 p.m. PST

Each month we focus on one of our great hosts and here's some info about: Wayne Powell

Wayne Powell

Who is Wayne Powell...

Wayne Powell had three career goals growing up: deejay a radio show, pilot a plane and fight fires. While he ultimately chose an accounting career, the little boy eventually realized all three dreams, albeit not via the paths he may have imagined. Powell’s fought fires—and ignited a few—figuratively as a councilman. He’s a licensed pilot who flies as a hobby. And he’s the star of a radio program called Powell to the People on radio. Powell tackles hour-long in-depth interviews with community leaders in and around Manhattan Beach

Wayne, who resides in Manhattan Beach, has always been civic minded and has helped his city, community and the State of California as: 2X Mayor of Manhattan Beach ; 8 years as a former Manhattan Beach City Councilmember; Los Angeles County Beach Commissioner/Chair; Onthe Independent Cities Association – Board of Directors; United States Conference of Mayors;
League of California Cities; South Bay Cities Council of Governments; Southern California Association of Governments;
LAX Coastal Corridor Mobility Task Force; L.A. World Airport Community Noise Rountable; Manhattan Beach City Council Finance Subcommittee and the Manhattan Beach City Council Library Subcommittee. He was a former
Manhattan Beach Planning Commissioner; Manhattan Beach Parking and Public Improvements Commissioner; Manhattan Beach Cultural Arts Commissioner; on the American Planning Association (Los Angeles Section) – Executive Board of Directors; and was on the Board of Directors for the California State University, Long Beach Alumni Association. He is a member of the Harvard Club of Southern California and the
Harvard University, JFK School Alumni Association.

In his past life he was a Senior Vice President / Finance & Accounting Executive for over 30 years, a Life Member Volunteer of the National Eagle Scout Association plus a life member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi Scholastic Honor Society.

In addition Wayne has won many awards among them: League of California Cities Advanced Leadership Award, Recipient of Certificates of Recognition for Outstanding Community Service from the U.S. Congress, California State Assembly, California State Senate and L.A. County Board of Supervisors, United States Presidential National Distinguished Service Award.

Tune in to Powell to the people to listen to interesting guests.  Visit the Waye Powell's Website.

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What Love Can Teach Us About Ourselves
by Guy Finley -
Radio Host of "Guy Finley Live! "
3rd Tuesday every month, 9am PT

Q&A With Guy Finley

All of our relationships, in particular the one we have with those we love, exist for a dual purpose, along with their great promise. First, most of us understand that our partner in life is there to help us grow, and to awaken and stir in us, accordingly, an awareness of love's highest possibilities. But the other - and equally important half of this same purpose and promise - without which the first part can't succeed - is as follows: our partner in life is also there to help us see everything in us that now stands in the way of our coming to realize this same higher love.

Find helpful insights in how to use these revelations in the following Q&A.

Question: It's not like he means it, but somehow my partner knows how to push the wrong button in me, and always at exactly the wrong time. It's as if he waits for me to say, "Yes," to something, so that then he can say, "No." So, while I'd really like to learn how to be more patient with him than I am, I don't have a clue where to begin. Any hints are greatly appreciated!

Answer: No doubt it's challenging to deal with anyone, let alone a loved one who contradicts us at every turn. But becoming impatient with his unconscious actions - and then blaming him for them - is like yelling at a toaster to stop burning your bread! The real solution to this, and to all similar situations rests within you, not with your partner. We can only bear some negative characteristic in someone else that we have learned to consciously bear in ourselves...which means none of us can be truly compassionate until we know what it means to suffer ourselves for the sake of something greater than ourselves: unconditional love.

Question: I like many of your ideas; most of them resonate with me as true. But feels like you're asking for more than I'm able to give when it comes to letting go and letting love lead me through the trials that I face through almost every day with my partner. I want to believe in higher love - to be able to act with the kind of compassion you've called out here as not just our possibility, but our responsibility, as well. Please tell me how I can begin to see this power, so that I might build a greater trust in it.

Answer: We must not just "believe" in the power of love; billions profess this belief, and yet...billions still hurt one another in the name of love. We must learn to see - with our "new eyes" - that love is within and around us at all times. For instance, here's an example of something that's always been right before us, as a fact of life, but that has remained just out of sight (until today)! The love we have for anything holy, beautiful, or true is present in our heart before we can think of any reason for the love that we feel. The breathtaking light at sunset, that strain of delicate music, or watching a mother tenderly embrace her child: these moments don't create the love we feel for what we see before us; these moments reveal the presence, and the power of a love that already lives in us! Do take a moment to consider all that this insight implies: it isn't we who find things to love, but rather that Love finds - through us -a way to reach us, and to teach us that She lives in and through all things...including us.

Excerpted from Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together by Guy Finley.
©2018 Guy Finley   Used by permission from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.

Guy Finley is the best-selling author of more than 40 books and audio albums on self-realization, including "The Secret of Letting Go," "The Essential Laws of Fearless Living," and his brand new book "The Secret of Your Immortal Self." He is the founder and director of Life of Learning Foundation, a nonprofit center for self-study located in southern Oregon where he gives talks four times each week. Guy is a faculty member at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York and is a regular expert contributor to Beliefnet and the Huffington Post. For more information and to download Guy's Free 60-minute MP3 seminar "Five Simple Steps to Make Yourself Fearless," and sign up to receive a free helpful newsletter each week. Visit

HealthyLife.Net Host Events:

On-Going-Merlin, OR: Guy Finley -Guy Finley speaks every Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at the Life of Learning Center, 459 Galice Road, in Merlin, Oregon 97352. Visit

September 2018

Sept 1-2: Woodstock, NY: Susun Weed Work-exchange Weekend. For info:

Sept 6-9: Woodstock, NY: Susun Weed Goddess Fest in the Redwoods For info:

Sept 8: London, England: Robert Moss Way of the Kairomancer: visit

Sept 12-16:Czech Republic: Robert Moss Writing as a State of Conscious Dreaming visit

Sept 16: Redondo Beach, CA: Linda Mackenzie Automatic Writing Workshop

Sept 21-23: WA: Susun Weed Pacific Women's Herbal Conference. For info call Eagle Song 360-794-2938

Sept 13-16: Lynne Andrews Kindred Spirits Gathering Info:

Sept 26: Niskayuna, NY: Robert Moss Northeast Dream Circle visit

Sept 29: Woodstock, NY: Susun Weed Hands-on Magical Plants: visionary herbs, dream pillows, love potions

Sept 30: Woodstock, NY: Susun Weed: Integrated Cancer Care. For info:

October 2018

Oct 4-7: Bran Romania, NY: Robert Moss Quantum Dreaming visit

Oct 8: Kentfield, CA: Maryanne Comaroto Revisioning Relationships for Women visit

Oct 11-18: Jamaica: Susun Weed Psilocybin Retreat. For info:

Oct 27: Woodstock, NY: Susun Weed Conquer Colds and Flu. For info:

Oct 27 -28: Berkley, CA: Robert Moss Living on the Mythic Edge visit

Driving Health Hazards
by Linda Mackenzie, C.H.T., Ph.D.(c)

Did you know that there are health hazards in driving? I'm not talking about accidents. I'm talking about the stress placed on your mind and body that occurs with road rage, eye fatigue and nightblindness, and road fatigue. Here is some information on these health hazards:

All over America drivers are being punished by road rage. This compounds the problem by producing road rage in the attacked driver. Road rage retaliation tactics run from yelling and inappropriate gestures to deliberate braking and using a car as a weapon. There have even been reports of physical fights and death by shooting. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, violent incidents between drivers have increased 51% since 1990. It is so much of a problem, that at least nine states have considered raising penalties for aggressive drivers and insurance companies are devising ways to deny aggressive drivers insurance. The results of road rage include making driving uncomfortable, impeding traffic flow, creating traffic jams and accidents.

The cause of road rage can be found within four levels of stress (environmental, nutritional, emotional and physical) that affect how we, look, think and feel. Some of the possible factors involved are:

Environmental Stress:
- too much traffic
- inadequate lanes and highways
- too many accidents
- traffic jams.
- poisonous toxins emitted by cars (e.g., carbon monoxide and lead). People inhale these poisonous fumes on the road which affect the body and contributes to road rage.

Nutritional Stress
- improper/inadequate nutrients which affect proper working of the mind and body.
- poor diet which may cause nutrient deficiency
- too much sugar, artificial colorings, preservatives, alcohol, caffeine, msg which may cause body imbalance and irritability.

Physical Stress
- illness
- backaches
- headaches
- side effects of prescription, over the counter and recreational drugs that may have side effects of drowsiness which reduces alertness

Emotional Stress
- negative emotions (e.g., frustration, anger)
- watching and absorbing bad driving behavior from parents, movies, and commercials
- Increased stress in daily life. With too much stress people feel they are losing control. The car is a powerful obedient tool, associated with a driver's emotional ego, and sometimes status. The car gives the driver a direct way to control their environment so that they feel they are gaining some control over their lives.

Studies of people who experience road rage found there are particular factors that lead to road rage. These factors occur when another driver: uses swearing or name calling, comes to a rolling stop, speeds,
doesn't signal when changing lanes, makes an illegal turn, follows too closely, goes through a red light and
fails to yield.

Positive ways to handle road rage are:
- Use positive thought & action
- Remember people make mistakes. In human activity there is a 4-10% average chance of mistake.
- Practice safe driving
- Acquire a supportive driving philosophy
- Don't challenge aggressive drivers
- Avoid aggressive drivers and report them to your traffic authorities
- Be physically fit and able to drive
- Reduce the stress in your daily life with exercise, meditation, deep breathing, reading or hobbies
- Eat properly and get enough rest
- Take supportive vitamins, minerals, and nutrients


When driving, eyestrain, eye fatigue and nightblindness can produce confusion, hesitation and decreased alertness when driving. This can contribute to traffic accidents, road rage in other drivers, and sometimes death. Some possible causes of eye strain, eye fatigue and nightblindness can be contributed to:
- aging
- using eyes intently for hours, without rest, in an enclosed space
- poor diet
- improper nutrients
- fatigue
- incorrect vision correction (e.g., wearing improper lenses).

Some of the symptoms of eyestrain, eye fatigue and poor vision are: inability to focus well, redness, tearing,
itchiness, swelling, burning, blurred vision, sensitivity to glare, headaches, decreased concentration,
difficulty adjusting to light, worsening nearsightedness, combination of nicotine, sugar, and caffeine may temporarily affect vision.

Positive ways to handle eyestrain, eye fatigue and poor night vision are:
- Take proper eye supporting nutrients (e.g., bilberry, zinc, lutein, lycopene, Vitamin A)
- Take a 10 minute rest. Lie down, close your eyes and place a cold compress on your eyes.
- Take frequent breaks
- Pull over for a moment and focus on something in the distance
- Try to control glare with antireflective coating on your glasses and windshield
- Keep your glasses and windshield clean
- Remove contacts after 24 hours
- Have regular eye exams
- Eat a proper diet (include broccoli, cabbage, carrots, green vegetables, sunflower seeds; avoid sugar)
- Get proper rest

Fatigue is a symptom and not a disorder. We can go back to the 4 stresses and take a look at how they contribute to road fatigue.

Environmental Stress:
- Poisonous toxins emitted by cars (e.g., carbon monoxide and lead). People inhale these poisonous fumes on the road which affect the body.
- Inside pollutants (e.g. prescription and over-the-counter drugs, alcohol, sugar, wheat, dairy products artificial coloring, preservatives)
- Too much traffic
- Inadequate lanes and highways
- Long, monotonous highway driving

Nutritional Stress:
- Improper/inadequate nutrients which affect proper working of the mind and body
- Inadequate diet which may cause nutrient deficiency

Physical Stress:
- Illness (e.g., colds, flu, hypothyroidism)
- food allergies
- mold allergies
- driving too long without a break

Emotional Stress:
- negative emotions (e.g., depression, boredom, anxiety)
- overworking
- stress

Positive ways to handle road fatigue:
- Keep alert with music, talking, playing games on the road.
- Take a break, stop driving when you are over tired.
- Get adequate rest.
- Plan long trips with interesting stops along the way.
- Allow enough time for rest stops.
- Eat a proper diet including fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, grains, seeds, and nuts.
- Avoid energy robbing foods like sugar, alcohol, fats, white flour, processed foods.
- Get regular exercise.
- Take supportive vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
- Keep a positive attitude.

This information is intended for general information purposes only. Individuals with health problems should always seek their natural health care provider before administrating suggestions made above. Application of above methods is at the user's discretion and is totally their responsibility.

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Here's Linda's Energy Predictions...

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Each color has its own energy qualities that effect our mind, body and spirit, By recognizing the different colors you are drawn to you can help see where you are on a subconscious level. If a color is not listed, combine the two or three colors that make up your color.

WHITE Universal Energy, Peace Divinity, Spirit, Cleansing, Protection 7th - Crown The Crown - Kether C, B
GOLD Life Force,
Spiritual Strength
Substance, Spiritual Vitality 3rd & 7th
Solar, Crown
SILVER Communication, Enlightenment Spiritual Truth Cord of 7th
Wisdom-Chokmah G Sharp
A Flat
MAGENTA Intuition,
Creativity, Vitality 6th & 7th
Third Eye, Crown
Spiritual Growth, Esteem 6th & 7th
Third Eye, Crown
Foundation Jesod B
INDIGO Vision,
Clarity, Insight, Invention 6th
Third Eye
BLUE Truth, Tranquility Healing, Devotion, Spiritual Tranquility 5th & 6th
Third Eye
A Sharp
B Flat
TURQUOISE Creativity,
Idealism, Discipline, Artistic Creation 5th
GREEN Love, Healing Balance, Growth, Abundance 4th
F Sharp
G Flat
YELLOW Precision, Vision Centered, Clarity, Intelligence 3rd
Solar Plexus
D Sharp,
E Flat
ORANGE Courage, Esteem Bravery, Pride, Ambition 2nd
C Sharp
RED Energy, Passion Loving Nature, Sexual Energy, Vitality 1st
PINK Beauty,
Emotional Harmony
Joy, Tenderness, Compassion 4th
F Sharp,
G Flat
BROWN Earthiness, Sensuality Practicality, Sensual Awareness The Kingdom Malkuth
BLACK Receptivity, Creative Void
State of Grace, Possibility   Understanding Binah  

This is an excerpt; for complete chart and over 40 other charts order the award-winning book: Inner Insights - The Book of Charts

Recipe of the Month

Chicken MacSoup

Cooking Time: 3-4 hours, 1-Soup Pot

1 3-4 lb. chicken, (cut into pieces)
8 cups cold water
1 medium onion (minced)
3-4 carrots (cut in 1" pieces)
2 stalks of celery (cut into 1" pieces)
3 medium potatoes (peeled and cut into 1" cubes)
1 tablespoon sea salt
1 tablespoon dried parsley
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon sage
1/2 teaspoon rosemary
1/4 teaspoon thyme
1/8 teaspoon coriander
2 bay leaves
1 cup frozen peas
1/2 cup basmati rice

In a large soup pot place chicken pieces, add water and bring to a rapid boil.
Add onions, carrots, celery, potatoes and spices. Stir and bring back to a boil. Reduce heat to slow simmer. Cook 3-4 hours.
With slotted spoon, take out bones and chicken pieces from the soup and place in a bowl. Remove any bones from the chicken pieces. Cut the chicken into bite-size pieces and return chicken meat to the pot. Throw out bones. The last 1/2 hour of cooking add peas and rice.

Option: Instead of rice, or in addition to rice, add 1/2 cup of quinoa pasta or quinoa or brown rice linguini broken into thirds to the soup mixture.

FOR CHICKEN BROTH: Omit rice and peas. Cook remaining ingredients 3-4 hours. Strain soup through a sieve and serve the broth or use the broth for cooking rice or in other recipes.

From the Editor's Desk   

September: Fall In Love with Fall - No Matter What

Oh that beguiling September...its tentacles reaching out feeding all the senses. The smell of autumn leaves burning as sounds of children excited to start school are heard. The slight chill of the crispy air on your skin. The seeing a cornucopia of autumn leaves shaded in brilliant color. The sixth sense feeling that change is coming. At least part of this still exists, but mostly not. First in most towns there are ordinances that say you no longer can amass the falling leaves into a pile so kids could jump in them before they are ceremoniously lit with all your neighbors joining in the festivities. With weather control September has changed into an extended summer with days so hot they should be called Extended Summer. The leaves on the trees don't start turning until mid to late October. People don't convene anymore - there's probably an app for that. However the sixth sense, and everyone has one, still recognizes that change is coming. It is the harvest time of the seeds of ideas that were sown and acted upon earlier in the year.

So enjoy your harvest but also start thinking about new ideas.Think about what you need and how you can contribute to being part of the whole. This year really sort through your life and see what things you want to keep and expand upon. Then think about what things are no longer serving you and let them go. is a great catalyst for positive change. There is always a plethora of ideas to help you emotionaly, physically, mentally and spiritualy. Literally a feast of new ideas and ways you can help change to a more positive and healthy life. wants to help you beat the heat with a positive attitude --please listen and so don't forget to tell your friends to listen in so we can start a domino effect of positive energy that can be felt around the world. We got you covered so you can listen your way! Catch us live or listen on-demand or as a podcast download for 3 months by Clicking the Podcast/Download Button on our home page or click here now.

This month you can discover what herbs to use for gut flora and candida on Susun Weed's Green Blessings Sept 1 at 9am PT. On Sept 16 at 9am get up close and personal with Zoe Moon's Astrology SEPTEMBER. Tune in Sep 20 to catch Dr. Jane Greer's Doctor On Call show Tuesdays, 10am PT and learn about The Man Translator and the Money Nerve of on Sept 27 for lots of info on sex, love, dating and relationships. Actually you can listen to our over 40 celebrity hosts because we have something for everyone.

On behalf of everyone here at, thank you for tuning in.

Here's to Positive Shift for you and the Planet!

Love & Light,
Linda Mackenzie

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