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Speak In Kindness
9 am PT, 12 pm ET
1st Monday Every Month

Arnette Travis

Join Arnette and her thought-inspiring guests as they spotlight exchanging ideas on a plethora of topics using truth and common sense to expand kiindness and a healthy lifestyle.

Arnette is a wellness community advocate, Outstanding Blue Zones® Project Champion and Ambassador; civic/political activist, currency trader, speaker and author.

She is the founder of a non-profit for the inclusion of inner city youth in the arts (AIM: Artistry In Motion) and was a volunteer instructor for Junior Achievement for 15 years, teaching middle school students basic financial literacy.


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07/27/2020   (Pending) Ann Grundy - African American Cultural Educator

06/22/2020    Chester Grundy - Dreams, Realities & Actions

05/25/2020    Yvonne Kozlina - You are the first responder

04/27/2020    Heidi Butzine - Positively Powerful

03/23/2020    Steve Ambrose - Tackling Toxic Conversations & Interactions

02/24/2020    Alida McDaniel - Getting Past Ego

01/27/2020   Race: An Understanding





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