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Health Freedom Now
9am PT, 12pm ET
1st Monday Every Month

Linda & Jay

Get the uncensored truth! Get answers to provocative questions from health freedom experts, insightful information, latest news and updates plus opinions on issues that may take away our health freedom of choice, destroy our health or stop our access to natural health products. You will be able to hear the other side to glean the whole story so you can make the right decisions for you and your family's health.

Linda Mackenzie,,. Ph.D. (c) was a health journalist for many prestigious health publications, is the former President of Dietary Supplement Manufacturing company, a 25 year radio host and health reporter, an award-winning Clinical Hypnotherapist, publisher of many health audio,as well as being a multi-book author.

Jay has been a radio broadcaster, producer and program director for over 30 years and into natural health for over 25 years..

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11/01/2021    (Pending) Marilyn SingletoN MD, J.D. - Tyranny of Medical Mandates

10/04/2021    Tracy Henderson, Esq - California Parents United & Masks

09/06/2021    Actress Sally Kirkland - Vax Side Effects

08/02/2021    Maureen McDonnell - Importance of Health Freedom

07/05/2021    Jim Turner - Legalities:Vaxed vs. Unvaxed

06/07/2021    Dr. Jane Orient - Mandatory Vaccines for Kids?






Here's a link to the some of the Best Natural Health Resources and Sites that may have been censored by Search Engines/Social Media.

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