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Timeout For Mental Health



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Timeout for Mental Health
1st Friday every month, 9am PT

Tim Krass

Take a timeout! Tim Krass' Timeout for Mental Health is where you get to hear the experts talk about mental health issues that relate to you, your family or friends. Get ready to get helpful infoon how to overcome Depression, Relationships, Masculinity, Suicide and much.

Tim is a veteran media and entertainment executive, author, writer and leadership coach for business executives. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Southern California Cable Marketing Council, the Board of Advisors of the Georgetown University Entertainment and Media Alliance, and was Chairman of the Magic Johnson Sports Star Award, benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

About Tim Krass

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11/05/2021    (Pending) Sam Mitchell - Autism Rocks & Rolls

10/01/2021    Laurie Singer - Mental Health: Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy

09/03/2021    Kelly Roman -Thwart Depression Device

08/06/2021     Men's Mental Performance

07/02/2021    Cindy Shaw - Better Brain Academy

06/04/2021    Dr. Michael Pariser - What is Healthy, Integrated Masculinity?

05/07/2021    Bill Lannen - Foundation of Social Emotional Learning

04/02/2021    Amy Corey - Mental Health, Public Speaker and Activist

03/05/2021    Loretta Breuning - Power Over Your Happy Brain Chemicals

02/05/2021    Johnny Crowder - Overcoming Suicide and Abuse







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