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Our Loyal Listeners are affluent, intelligent with higher disposable income and are willing to pay for a product they believe in and encourage family/ friends to buy products they like. They are interested in natural health, sports & fitness, family, pets, lifestyle, business and community, personal growth, spirituality, sustainability, the environment, culture and social justice.

Reaching almost all devices in over 135 countries, 82.7% of our audience is based in the U.S.
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Statistics from actual data derived from our Listener Clubhouse 

More Listeners on By independent 3rd Party analysis we have higher Active Live Sessions, On-demand and Podcast downloads than most individual digital AM/FM/Satellite stations. - Triton Digital, EarthChannel, Radio Network Statistics

Get 65+ Additional Distribution Channels for FREE: Radio Network is syndicated and simulcast 24/7 on over 65+ distribution channels aired on: Cars, Internet, Tablets, Smartphones,Wifi, SmartTVs, SmartWatches, mobile, private radio networks for the blind, retail stores and more. Click for some of our distribution channels

Our Top 'Expand Your Brand' Benefits Include:

  • Local, National and Global Brand Awareness
  • Increased Website Visits
  • Online purchases of products/services;
  • In-store product recognition/purchase
  • Increased customer email/social media interaction.

Why Brand on Radio?

  • Operating since 2002 we have longevity and a larger, loyal listener base
  • Longer 'drive time' from 5am - 6pm weekdays
  • Over 40 recognized celebrity hosts in all genres
  • Target or simultaneous reach of local, national or global audiences
  • Includes over 65+ syndicated/simulcast distribution channels
  • FREE On-Demand and Podcast Downloads during Campaign
  • 3 month On-Demand and Podcast Downloads Shelf Life AFTER campaign is over
  • Niche market for positive talk, healthy living and ONLY Natural Health.
  • Customized branding to fit YOUR needs and budget.
  • Free production, your copy or ours, with fast turnaround
  • We use professional Hollywood-based voice over talent
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  • Click here to see our Host-State Breakdown

It's Easy! Some Ways to Brand...


Easy 'Halo' Effect
Be identified with an influencer HRN host and expand your impression to their loyal audience. As an elite 'one of three' you'll align your 250 X 60 pixel .jpeg click-thru banner direct on their HRN podcast page. 3 mo. minimum.

Banner-Link Placement
Your brand's click-through banner (120 X 60 pixel or 100 X 100 pixel) goes on our advertiser page and our Links page to gain your brand's awareness to our loyal audience. 3 mo. minimum.


Pre-Show Title Roll
Set the stage for the HRN show with a custom branded 10 sec audio title and sound byte that appears in the premium position before the beginning of the show with standard 'presented by' intro.
13 week minimum.


Genre Geo-Targeting
Target your brand to one of our genre specific markets to maximize impressions on all shows in the same genre. Genres: Natural Health, Lifestyle, South Bay Saturdays, News-Business, Inspiration-Motivation, Spirituality-Paranormal. Copy & voice provided for a 30-sec audio. 13 week minimum.


Short Term Maximum Reach
Reach almost all of HRN's unique listeners in a short term 3 day period. With a produced 30 sec audio we immerse your brand in the HRN experience to splash out your brand's impression in every hour of HRN's program schedule. 3 day minimum.


'Big 6' Exposure

A customized, integrated and full digital opportunity experience that leverages your brand on all of HRN's digital and audio assets to maximize your brand's exposure and success. Includes: Host mentions, produced audio, e-mail blasts, in-show interviews, click through banners and social media mentions. 13 week minimum.


Event or Seasonal Impact
Align your brand with the latest episodes of our audience favorite shows and achieve brand impact as you deliver popup audio for any season promo, theater release, TV, YouTube or gaming video, workshops or any event. 13 week minimum.

Production time: 5-7 Business Days after approval

For Custom Brand Package or Rates:
Call 800-555-5453, 310-371-5444 or



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63.2 million people will use an ad blocker on their desktop/ laptop PC while 20.7 million will use an ad blocker on their smartphone.-

TIMING FOR RADIO VOICE ADS IS EVEN BETTER... caters to the 35-64 purchasing age group; Majority of Traditional Radio caters to the 12-34 age group.

The 35-64 age Radio Listener group spends 3X as much time listening than traditional radio or viewing TV. **

** 2016 Neilsen Scarborough Report

Web Radio General Facts:

Over 119 million* people a week listen to Internet Radio at an Average 12 hrs/week**.

70% of Internet Radio listening occurs between 5 a.m. - 6 p.m. weekdays.

Average TSL (time spent listening) to an Internet Radio Network is 1-3 hours a day.**

Online Podcast Listeners Average TSL (time spent listening) is 5-8 min. top of the hour****

40% of Internet Radio listeners have used smartphones.***

54% use car audio system; 32% use portable players and 15% connect with smartphones.****

Internet Radio Audiences in General****

  • are 4 times more likely to purchase online
  • 70% prefer audio ads over banner ads
  • 58% recall and 44% respond to an internet radio ad;
  • 20% visit the company's website
  • 8% went to a retail location to purchase
  • 7% sent a text/email to the company
  • 6% phone the company *Triton/Edison Media
    ***Pew Research-
    ****Arbitron/Edison Media,, Alexa, TargetSpot,