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Charis Unplugged
2pm PT, 5pm ET
4th Tuesday Every Month

Charis & Steve

Learn. Laugh. Get Inspired. Tune in as Charis and Steve share inside information with comedic twists on music, technology, fitness and living in their relationship.

Charis and Steve are a talented couple. Charis is an energetic and enthusiastic person who blends her love for fitness with her passion for singing and music, creating an inspiring and motivating atmosphere for everyone she encounters.

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07/23/2024    (Pending) CSU 0723

06/25/2024    (Pending) Danny Farrell - Video Strategist

05/28/2024    Cynthia & Debbie Hayes - Searching for a Kidney

04/23/2024    CSU 0423

03/26/2024    CSU 0326

02/27/2024    Intro Show






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