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Crystal Quest
2nd Monday Every Month 9am PT

Hapi Hara & Johndennis Govert

Join us on your path to awakening. Explore crystal energy, astrology, feng shui, earth mysteries, hidden dimensions, and ancient spirituality.

Johndennis who is a Tibetan Lama and Hapi Hara who is a crystal astrologer, authors of The Chintamani Crystal Matrix.

About Happi & Johndennis


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10/09/2023    (Pending) R. E. Kretz - Alchemy & The Philosopher's Stone

09/11/2023    Devil's Tower and Upcoming Comets & Eclipses

08/14/2023    Terri Gervais - Activating Diamond Grace

07/10/2023    Maureen St. Germain - Crystals and the 5D Merkaba

06/12/2023    Barbara Hand Clow - Positive Transformation During Planetary Changes

05/08/2023    Denise Ricard - Numbers & Crystals

04/10/2023    Nicholas Pearson - Crystal Healing

03/13/2023    Margaret Ann Lembo - Crystals & Essential Oils

02/13/2023    Tryshe Dhevney - Binaural Sound & Crystal Singing Bowls

01/09/2023    Shelley Kaehr - Edgar Cayce & Stones of Atlantis 






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