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This Week's Live Guests


06/14 Monday
    7am News@7
    9am   Empower Series              TODAY: Soul Medicine
  10am   The Sally Kirkland Show   Leigh Taylor Young
  11am   Mind Shock!                     Brandon Beach - The Golden Key
    1pm   Powell to the People          Wayne and Friends
    2pm  Change Series                  TODAY: Casual Saints
    7pm News@7                        
06/15 Tuesday
    7am News@7 w/ Natural Health News
  Linda Mackenzie Show     Dr. Bernie Siegel - Healthy Aging
  Visionary Series             TODAY: Citizens For Health
  10am   The Autism Detectives       
  11am   How To Love                    
Wendi Dumbroff - Love & Mindfulness
  12pm   Spiritual Awakening           Satsang Discourse
    1pm   Aspel On The Esplanade
   Steve & Friends
    2pm   Create Series                  TODAY:
    6pm   Letting Go w/Guy Finley
    7pm News@7

06/16 Wednesday       
     7am News@7 w/ Sci-Tech News
     8am   Doctor On Call              
     9am   Harmony Series           TODAY: SpiritTalk Live
   10 am   All About Healing          Ashli Callaway - Addiction Medicine
   11am   Emotional Detox             Katie Beecher
     1pm   Backbeat Radio             
     2pm   Relaxx Radio                 Eileen Daley - Reinvent You 911
    7pm News@7                    
06/17 Thursday            
     7am News@7
     9am   Growth Series               TODAY: Natural Eating
   10am   Autism w/Dr. Andy
          Lisa Liberman - A Stranger Among Us
   12pm   Strategies for Living        
     1pm   High Energy Health          Emily Francis – Healing Ourselves Whole
     2pm  Remedy Pharm Health      Susan MacShara-Semelka - Alternatives for Autoimmune diseases
     7pm News@7       

06/18 Friday        
     7am News@7
     9am   Renewal Series              TODAY: Zoe Moon Astrology
   10am   Sharkies Pep Talk            
   11am   Quatum Jump                   Stop Procrastinating Today
     7pm News@7

06/19 Saturday       
     9am   South Bay Saturdays       Mystic Monk w/Tim Ryan
    10am  South Bay Saturdays       Aspel On the Esplanade w/Steve Aspel
    11am  South Bay Saturdays       The Linda Mackenzie Show
    12pm  South Bay Saturdays       Powell to the People
     1pm   South Bay Saturdays       Epicurean Exploring w/Risa Feldman
     2pm   South Bay Saturdays       Backbeat Radio w/Jay Cruz
     3pm   South Bay Saturdays       Sharkie's Pep Talk w/Sharkie Zartman
     4pm   South Bay Saturdays       
Randi Maggid Show
     5pm   South Bay Saturdays       Remedy Pharm Health  w/Aamina Shah

     6pm   South Bay Saturdays       Timeout For Mental Health w/Tim Krass