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Backbeat Radio
Wednesdays. 1 pm PT, 4 pm ET

Jay Cruz

A Musical Adventure! Delve into the backbeat of music with news, views and interviews of your favorite past, present and upcoming artists. Then include some original music into the mix and you have a show you won't want to miss.

Jay, a musician himself, has worked in radio since 1984 as a DJ, sportscaster and news anchor in San Francisco.


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11/03/2021    (Pending) Backbeat News on the Street

10/06/2021    Music News Backbeat Word on the Street

09/01/2021    Backbeat News on the Street

07/02/2021    Backbeat News On The Street

06/02/2021    Nancy Sayle - Rock Against M.S

05/05/2021    Tracee Dunblazier - Mental Health Awareness Month

04/07/2021    Backbeat News On The Street

03/03/2021    Linda Mackenzie - Backbeat News On The Street

02/03/2021    Jed Mottley - Backbeat News On The Street

01/06/2021    Rich Sheldon - Backbeat News On The Street







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