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Doctor Bernie Siegel Takes Live Radio Show on HealthyLife.Net
to Stream Positive Message of Love, Hope and Healing

Manhattan Beach, CA, January 26, 2005...Bernie Siegel, MD, one of the leading pioneers in the field of mind-body medicine, has agreed to join the all positive talk and music Internet radio network Healthylife.Net. Beginning February 1, Bernie (as he prefers to be called) will begin hosting "Mind Health Matters", a live call-in radio show the first Tuesday of every month at 9 am Pacific Time at

Bernie Siegel, MD is one of the world's foremost physicians, authors, motivational speakers and advocates for individuals facing the challenges of a chronic illness. As a physician who has cared for and counseled innumerable people whose mortality has been threatened by an illness, Bernie embraces a philosophy of living and dying that stands at the forefront of medical ethics and spiritual issues. Bernie, a respected and retired pediatric and general surgeon, continues his pioneering efforts in the field of the mind-body interaction with healing and patient empowerment through his motivational lectures, numerous best-selling books, tapes and videos. His alliance with now extends his availability to share his inspirational messages of Love, Hope and Healing through personal discussions with callers from around the world.

Linda Mackenzie, founder of LA-based HealthyLife.Net, is pleased that Bernie has decided to be a key radio host in HealthyLife.Net's upcoming "Visionary Celebrity Host Series". Each Tuesday the Series showcases a top visionary celebrity and allows listeners to call in and talk with a world-renown expert live on-air. "I am very happy that Bernie is joining our seasoned crew of radio hosts," states Mackenzie. "His presence certainly contributes to our mission of cultivating positive thought as a way for people to successfully cope with today's stressful world. Our network deals with the positive aspects of life and health and Bernie's message combined with his great sense of humor will help people achieve that."

Launched on October 1, 2002 HealthyLife.Net is one of the first all-positive talk radio networks in the world. This grassroots radio network has already reached 3,100,914 listeners in 41 countries and presently averages over 500,000 worldwide listeners a month, mostly by word-of-mouth advertising. The network is actively pursuing expansion and syndication with other types of media outlets to extend its vision of making positive media, without sensationalism and little controversy, available to the