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Press Releases

09-21-2022  Overcoming Negative - Positive Radio Still Radio Celebrates 20 Years On-Air

04-22-2022  Linda Mackenzie Receives 'Best Of' Arts & Entertainment Award

03-21-2022 Radio Tweet included in article Reading Out Loud To Children " Triples" Their Resilience

10-02-2020 Radio Celebrates 19th Anniversary by Launching Positive Talk Podcast Network

04-09-2020  Manhattan Beach Business Needs Your Support

03-18-2020 Founder Linda Mackenzie Receives Arts & Entertainment Award

03-09-2020 Receives England Health Beauty Wellness Award.

09-01-2018 Receives Small Business Excellence Award for Radio Stations

08-30-2018 Receives Business Ethics Award for Radio Stations

10-01-2017 Receives Small Business Excellence Award for Radio Stations

02-08-2016 Taking the 'Grim' Away From the Grim Reaper HealthyLife.Net Radio Adds Positive New Hosts

11-10-2015 Positive Radio Your Way's 'Open Door, Listener First' Policy

09-07-2015 Radio Brings Game to Fall Season: Adds NFLer and Goes Pro for Health Freedom

08-19-2015 Linda Mackenzie Receives 2015 Best of Manhattan Beach Award in Arts & Entertainment

03-18-2015 Radio 'Zaps The App' with New 'No App' Listening, Shows and Web Design

09-04-2014  Powerhouse Radio Fall Season Kicks Off

06-12-2013  Summer Sizzles with New Programs at HealthyLife.Net Radio

10-15-2012  HealthyLife.Net Radio Hosts Ten-Year Celebration with Listeners

07-27-2011  SoCal's South Bay Becomes 'Cinderella' of HealthyLife.Net Radio Broadcasting

06-04-2010 Speeds Past "50" and Hits the Fast Lane with Automotive Legend Bobby Likis

03-04-2010  HealthyLife.Net NEWS@7 Proves: Good News DOES Sell...And Then Some

12-09-2009  Bad News Sells - UNTIL NOW! HealthyLife.Net Radio streams Facts not Fear

07-01-2009  HealthyLife.Net Provides Healthy "Take Out" to Listeners and New GREEN Series

05-06-2009  Actress and Healer Dee Wallace Joins HealthyLife.Net Radio Network

03-17-2009  HealthyLife.Net Radio Network is Positive Media Haven for Millions of Anxious Americans


08-28-2008  HEALTHYLIFE.NET Radio Network teams up with Radiopaq

03-19-2008 New Radio Alliance for HEALTHYLIFE.NET with &

01-14-2008 Swinging Their Clubs on the Air: Lisa DePaulo & Stuart Titus Host New HealthyLife Golf Show

10-03-2007 HealthyLife.Net Radio Celebrates 5th Year of Profitability with Celebration in New ClubHouse

05-01-2007 HealthyLife.Net Radio Syndicates - Now Delivering from Nine Sources Making Advertisers Sing

10-04-2006 HealthyLife.Net Reaches"On The Go" Audience with New Partnership

07-12-2006 Positive Radio Exec Linda Mackenzie Recognized in Radio as Great Women of the 21st Century

04-15-2005 A Little Bit Country…A Little Bit "Positive Soul"

04-05-2005 Visionary and Vitamins: Jean Houston and Dr. Earl Mindell Join HealthyLife.Net Radio

02-10-2005 Thousands Await Debut of HealthyLife.Net 's "Guy Finley Live!" Radio Show

01-26-2005  Doctor Bernie Siegel Takes Live Radio Show on HealthyLife.Net

04-05-2004  Network GM States Positive Programming Equals Explosive Ratings and Expanded Schedule



10-01-2002 MAKING NEW WAVES - Positive Energy Power Comes to Radio  

Articles & Media Mentions

Every Week  HealthyLife.Net is mentioned in Huffington Post, magazines and ezines across the country

11-12-2022 Founder Artilcle in Patch: Extraordinarily Powerful Speaker and Presenter; Redondo Beach Hero

09-24-2022 mentioned in 216 TV and radio sites, 211 News sites, 539 Targeted California publications, magazines, blogs, influencers, financial, newswires and major Search Engine sites..

09-21-2022  Positive Radio Anniversary - By Radio Ink - Mention in Radio Ink

10-05-2020 Radio Network Unveils Podcast Network - Mention in AllAccess

10-02-2020 Radio Mention in Talkers Magazine

10-02-2020 mentioned in KTVN, WFMJ-TV, WBOC-TV, RFD-TV, WRAL-TV, WRDE-TV, WICZ-TV, Suncrest News Network, Daily Herald-Chicago, Pittsburgh Post Gazette and 90 other TV, newspaper, magazines, blogs, influencers and financial sites.

10-01-2020  Radio Online Launches Positive Talk Podcast Network article

10-01-2020  Patch Launches Positive Talk Podcast Networkarticle

03-08-2018  HealthyLife.Net and the Inaugural Natural Health Fair

06-08-2015  HealthyLife.Net on Newswatch on ION, Discovery and 60 other broadcast channels 10 100 million households

12-30-2014  HealthyLife.Net article in the Beach Reporter, Daily Breeze and Long Beach Telegram. (click to read)

06-12-2013  HealthyLife.Net mentioned in 62 newspapers and magazines including: USA Today, Entrepreneur,
Consumer Electronics, Los Angeles Examiner; Sacramento Bee, 235 TV stations, 195 Blogs, many Websites and feeds.

10-15-2012  HealthyLife.Net mentioned in 75 newspapers and magazines including: USA Today, Entrepreneur,
Consumer Electronics, Los Angeles Examiner; Sacramento Bee, 200 TV stations, 180 Blogs, many Websites and feeds.

07-27-2011  HealthyLife.Net mentioned in 18 newspapers and magazines including: USA Today, Entrepreneur,
Consumer Electronics, Los Angeles Examiner; Sacramento Bee, 125 TV stations, 150 Blogs, many Websites and feeds.

03-04-2010  HealthyLife.Net mentioned in 35 newspapers and magazines including: USA Today, Entrepreneur,
Consumer Electronics, Los Angeles Examiner; 100 TV stations and 170,000 Blogs, Websites & Feeds.

12-09-2009  HealthyLife.Net mentioned in 18 newspapers and magazines including: USA Today, Entrepreneur,
Consumer Electronics, Los Angeles Examiner; 85 TV stations including: FOX BUSINESS; 129 Blogs, Websites and 164,000 RSS feeds.

10-01-2009  HealthyLife.Net mentioned in Ladies Home Journal Magazine

08-09-2009  HealthyLife.Net mentioned in article about Kim Borio radio show in Stylist Stuff

06-12-2009  HealthyLife.Net & Kerry Tuschhoff mentioned in MRI Techniciam article

05-04-2009  HealthyLife.Net mentioned in Radio & Records Email Blast

09-05-2008   HealthyLife.Net mentioned in Radio and Records (click to read)

08-07-2008   HealthyLife.Net & The Sally Kirkland Show mentioned in Hollywood News Calendar

03-11-2008   HealthyLife.Net mentioned in Harwich Oracle newspaper

02-22-2008   HealthyLife.Net mentioned in Mark Cuppa article which interviewed Bob Kasunic

02-14-2008   HealthyLife.Net gets mentioned in MGM Valentine's Day DVD of Harry Met Sally

01-03-2008 HealthyLife.Net Article as Inside Story by Mike Kinosian (click to read)

01-01-2008  HealthyLife.Net Radio mentioned in January Issue of Redbook Magazine