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The Beach Reporter o o March 8, 2018

Inaugural health fair is Sunday
by Genie Davis


You probably know something
about acupuncture. Or, you've sought
out the benefits of massage. But, do
you know about Ayurveda? What about
Both are natural health alternatives:
Ayurveda is an ancient medical practice
that emphasizes mind, body and spirit.
Cyrotherapy is a more modern pain
relief method of using low temperatures
to heal. These and other natural health
alternatives are on display Sunday,
March 11 at the inaugural Natural Health
Fair at the Anderson Senior Center in
Redondo Beach.
Linda Mackenzie, general manager
of radio, founded the
fair to educate residents about natural
health doctors and practitioners available
in the South Bay. Educational
booths will feature 20 local practitioners


of acupuncture, aromatherapy,
massage and meditation along with many
other local natural health practitioners
and services.
Attendees will be able to meet exhibitors including chiropractor Dr. Mark Vinick, formerly head of the U.S. Arurveda Association, and Chinese medicine practitioner Homa Sikon. There will also be several raffles with fun,
healthy living prizes, and a live remote
radio broadcast by radio
network, featuring Steve Aspel, Linda Mackenzie, Sharkie Zartman and Jay Cruz.
Exhibitors are varied, offering a
look at services from reiki to vitamins
and supplements and florals.
The fair is free, and there will be no
products or services sold at the event.
The Anderson Senior Center hosts
the event from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday, and is
located at 3007 Vail Ave., Redondo Beach


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