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New Radio Alliance for HEALTHYLIFE.NET
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Los Angeles, CA, March 19, 2008: HealthyLife.Net (, the leader in Internet Positive Talk radio, announced today that two more Internet radio streaming companies, TruMix ( and (, are now simulcasting their 24/7 programs, allowing the station to expand its already growing audience. This brings their total of 24/7 simulcast stations up to eleven.

HealthyLife.Net is recognized worldwide for its All-Positive Programming which spans a wide range of unique and timely topics.

"This is terrific!" states Mackenzie, founder and General Manager of HealthyLife.Net. "We already are streaming 24/7 with 9 other streaming radio companies, which include Wifi, PDAs and Smartphones, so this makes our total of streaming partners - eleven! Our core audience is about 1 million a month and the network continues to grow because of its signature shows which are devoid of the mass negativity and sensationalism one usually finds within most radio programming. And now, due to our new alliances with TruMix and we will reach a larger audience with our positive message."

In these times, as other Internet radio companies are scrambling trying to find new ways to foster and maximize advertising dollars, HealthyLife.Net continues to focus on programming and expansion for its listener base. HealthyLife.Net has continued to be profitable since its 3rd month of inception, thus the alliance with TruMix and fits into its overall strategic planning for the network. When advertising is purchased on HealthyLife.Net, the advertisers get all eleven (11) streaming partners and their stable of archive shows for free.

About HealthyLife.Net
HealthyLife.Net, established in 2002, is All Positive Talk Radio on the Web; broadcasting 24/7. All HealthyLife.Net programs are hosted by nationally and internationally recognized TV, film, radio or experts in their respective fields. For more information or for advertising rates, call 800.555.5453.

About TruMix
TruMix provides access to Internet Radio and podcasts from around the world. You can download or play the radio stations straight from the website and create your own account to store your favorite Internet radio stations.

About, based in Whistler, BC, Canada, provides a way where you can quickly find and listen to over 4,383 Internet radio stations. You do not need to subscribe to their free newsletter or log-in to the site to listen to the stations.

For more information contact: PJ Grimes: (310) 371-5444 or E-mail: