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Positive Energy Power Comes to Radio

Manhattan Beach, CA., October 1, 2002...Known as "Positive Energy In Action", California based former telecom engineer and veteran radio host Linda Mackenzie had to fight a lot of negatives before realizing her dream of launching a worldwide all-positive radio station.

"I believe there is a timely and growing need for positive programming and it is almost non-existent. Currently the FCC has no new AM or FM licenses available to start a new radio station. Every day the same advertiser-driven programming is aired nationwide due to the large corporate buyouts of local stations. Programming content on the surviving local stations is most times limited to the station's "acceptable" topics. Almost all radio programs are based on the idea that fear, negativity and sensationalism "sell", so starting a radio station where people could have the option of hearing all-positive programming had its challenges." states Mackenzie.

Looking towards other avenues of distribution Mackenzie chose Internet radio as a viable alternative. Internet radio reaches a worldwide audience and according to MeasureCast a radio listener survey company, in America 29 out of the top 50 radio stations are Internet radio stations.

"With Internet Radio now being able to get Arbitron and Neilsen ratingsit is the perfect place to start a positive radio network. Drawing from my own Creative Health & Sprit Radio Show's prior 26 million audience base and having other nationally noted radio show hosts, I hope to show the 'big boys' that positive programming is not only needed but wanted by the average listener." says Mackenzie.

CHSR Positive Radio Network will launch October 1, 2002 at The station's goal is to help listeners achieve a healthier, happier life through upbeat positive programming focused on positive news, natural health, awareness, relationship, animal kinship, environment, ecology,healing and positive music and even Saturday morning kid shows. The program roster is expected to build to a 24 hour, 7 day a week schedule.