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October 5, 2020 at 1:20 AM (PT)

               19th Anniversary

The HEALTHYLIFE.NET RADIO NETWORK, the online broadcaster entering its 19th year, has added a podcast network with a paid subscription option, HRNRADIO.COM, offering "positive talk" from over 2,400 shows from the network's archive. The service will be offered in a free version with ads as well as a paid ad-free subscription version.

“It is scientifically proven staying positive improves health and well-being, but these days there are few places where people can get away from negativity," said Founder/GM LINDA MACKENZIE. "Since 2002, our exclusive programs have been vetted and are fully aligned in providing real facts, without manufacturing fear to serve the greater good of humanity. My goal is to support our loyal listeners and expand out to those who need and crave positive programs to uplift and enlighten them through this pandemic and beyond. Now instead of searching for positive podcasts people have one unique place to get them."


Media Contact: Kelly Despal (310) 371-5444

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