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HEALTHYLIFE.Net Reaches On-The-Go Audience
With New SELECTRADIO.Com Partnership

Manhattan Beach, CA, October 4, 2006: HealthyLife.Net (, a pioneering leader in Positive Talk radio on the Internet, announced today the growing network's new partnership with™ (, allowing the expansion of HealthyLife.Net's programming to smartphones and wireless PDA device users.

HealthyLife.Net is recognized worldwide for its 24/7 All-Positive Programming which spans a wide range of unique and timely topics.

"We are pleased with this new partnership," states Mackenzie, founder and General Manager of HealthyLife.Net. "Our core audience of 800,000+ continues to grow due to this network's signature shows which are all devoid of the mass negativity and sensationalism one finds within most radio programming. And now, due to our new partnership with, our on-the-go audience can take HealthyLife.Net with them via their smartphone or PDA device."'s premium software for smartphones and wireless PDA devices allows access to over 5,000 streaming stations, including XM Satellite Radio Online. It's compatible with Intel X Scale 270-series handheld phones and PDAs including the latest family of DELL Axim models, HP iPAQ and others with Mobile 2003/WM 5.0 PPC or Phone Edition operating systems. Using a one-touch access to listen to live show broadcasts on HealthyLife.Net, a GPRS/EDGE, EVDO, WIFI connection or USB Active Synch connection for desktop use is required.

Consumers can try a free 10-day trial of the software before purchasing a device-specific license for only $25.00 at

About HealthyLife.Net
HealthyLife.Net, established in 2002, is All-Positive Talk Radio on the Internet; broadcasting 24/7. All HealthyLife.Net programs are hosted by nationally and internationally recognized Experts in their respective fields. For more information, call 800.555.5453 or visit www.HealthyLife.Net.

SelectRadio™ software for wireless handhelds was introduced in January, 2006 at the 2006 International CES. It is a feature rich, add-on programfor Windows Mobile-based smartphones and PDAs for Internet radio access on-the-go, at the office or at home. For more information visit