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A Little Bit Country…A Little Bit "Positive Soul"
Top Country Music Artists Jump on the Positive Airwaves of

Manhattan Beach, CA, April 13, 2005... HealthyLife.Net - All Positive Talk and Music Radio announces their Country Music Star Series where listeners can hear their favorite country music stars up close and personal at

Nancy Lee, a former KCOL radio host, decided to combine her passion for country music and its performers with her currently running HealthyLife.Net radio show Lights On with Nancy Lee. The result was the Country Music Star Series.

On the first Wednesday of every month her upcoming scheduled live interviews will feature country music stars and legends Janie Fricke, Hank Williams Jr., Lynn Anderson, Ray Price, John Conlee, Mark Chestnut. On May 4th Nancy will be interviewing singer, songwriter, Jett Williams, daughter of Hank Williams, who will discuss her book, "Aint Nothing as Sweet as My Baby". After the live interview, Jett will join currently available interviews with Crystal Gayle and Chely Wright on HealthyLife.Net's archives so that listeners can hear the programs 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

"I have always loved Country Music and its performers," states Nancy Lee. "The messages depicted in country music are true to life and mostly contain positive information for people. Since HealthyLife.Net is an all positive radio network, it's the perfect place for people to find out more about their favorite country music star and their work."

In addition to being a radio host, Nancy is a also a renown speaker who just happens to have had a successful career as a country music songwriter. A joyous, loving spirit she brings a unique blend of intelligence, humor and savvy interviewing skills to the series. spans the spectrum of positive programs on health, conscious finance and business, jazz, sports, Hollywood news, women's, men's and parenting issues, animals, inspiration and motivation, spirituality, and the paranormal. The radio programs are always live, fresh and new. All the hosts are radio, film, TV or lecture personalities who bring their audiences with them. is on 24/7 schedule and can be heard over the Internet, several syndicated Internet affiliate stations and 400 million palm pilots worldwide. The network is planning to expand to satellite, cellular telephone and mobile radio networks. is listed and linked to over 1000 Internet Radio Locator and web sites. Since it's inception in October 2002 it has aired to over 5 million listeners. As of March 2005 the station is currently reaching over 837,000 listeners per month in 49 countries.