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Manhattan Beach, CA, April 5, 2004...Linda Mackenzie, founder and General Manager of CHSR HealthyLife.Net, an alternative All positive talk & music Internet radio network based in Manhattan Beach, California, announces the network's broadcasting schedule will take a giant leap from 25 hours per week to 24/5 on April 5, 2004, dure to the steady and heavy increases in American and international listeners.

"I've had an extraordinary life that has provided countless positive learning experiences. In my desire to share that with the world, I worked to create a venue - an internet broadcast network, that enriches the lives of listeners", lectured Mackenzie at a recent industry event at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. "And I've been able to achieve that with a colorful spectrum of fascinating and beneficial programs; many with very High Profile Hosts, from Oscar-winning actress Sally Kirkland and Dr. Gloria Gilbere, who has a worldwide environmental medicine practice, to the entertainment industry's celebrity Parapsychologist, Dr. Larry Montz."

Mackenzie is the epitome of the multi-hyphenate. A former Fortune 1000 telcom engineer, data consultant and past president of a dietary manufacturing company, Linda is also a Doctoral Clinical Hypnotherapist Candidate, veteran radio talk show host, lecturer, intuitive and award-winning published author, who has been on a plethora of major radio and TV networks and documentaries. Her own 8-year running radio show, Linda Mackenzie's Creative Health & Spirit, was the flagship show that started the network.

"This Network is working and is continuing a high monthly growth", Mackenzie affirms. "I could easily rattle off all the statistics of why Internet radio is a major force to be recognized by Advertisers as well as listeners, but CHSR HealthyLife.Net's audience base speaks for itself. You don't go from a few listeners in month one and reach one million listeners in 18 countries, with absolutely no marketing effort, without giving credit where it's due - to the positive's obvious that's what people around the world are looking for today and that's what CHSR HealthyLife.Net delivers."