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HealthyLife.Net Radio Celebrates 5th Year of Profitability
with Celebration in New ClubHouse - And You're Invited

Los Angeles, CA, October 3, 2007... HealthyLife.Net, the pioneering 24/7 all positive talk Internet radio network, broadcasting a vast range of healthy living topics, is celebrating its 5th anniversary of profitable Internet broadcasting and invites you to celebrate with its hosts and listeners at their new cyberspace Clubhouse!.

Almost completely by word of mouth since it's inception in October 2002, Healthylife.Net has expanded it's reach to over 24 million listeners in 104 countries and now simulcasts 24/7 on nine other Internet and private radio networks, including PDAs and Smartphones.

"HealthyLife.Net's original concept was simple," states Linda Mackenzie,"Target a growing niche market of listeners, virtually untouched by terrestrial radio, and give them more of the positive programs they want to hear by seasoned TV, film, radio and national lecturer hosts."

There's no better testament to the fact that the wholesome approach worked than the line-up of big name show hosts like Dr. Bernie Siegel, Sally Kirkland, Guy Finley and Victoria Moran and the explosive growth of the listening audience each year!

An associate member of NAB since 2004, HealthyLife.Net has actual, measurable audience counts from its live and archived show streams. Wanting to expand to more detailed listener demographic information, HealthyLife.Net implemented a free interactive Listener Clubhouse to acquire the missing data. "Our numbers are strong and consistent," says Mackenzie, "the unknown numbers from our nine simulcast network partners are just icing on our cake."

Now with 5 years worth of data, a consistent (and growing) audience and a full line-up of over 163 original talk and music programs around the clock, HealthyLife.Net has hired an experienced sales staff to benefit from the emerging market of Internet ad revenue, including the expanding cultural creative market. Being free from the current Internet Radio copyright controversy because it has always played royalty free music and abiding by FCC rules, which is not yet mandated for Internet radio, HealthyLife.Net remains steadfast and anchored in the Internet radio arena. For business owners, there is no better radio and internet compliment to your current advertising plan than HealthyLife.Net as it delivers the goods to its massive audience, and thus, the advertiser.

To celebrate its first five years and looking ahead to the next five, HealthyLife.Net invites everyone to join the new Clubhouse; a HealthyLife.Net website attraction that showcases inspirational and upbeat interactive cyberspace features and fabulous giveaways. There's something for everyone in the Clubhouse like the Golf Course, Tennis Courts, Pool, Hiking Trails, Picnic Grounds, Lodge and more. And unlike most 'clubhouses', this one is absolutely free!

And that's not all that's new! HealthyLife.Net has already scheduled a year's worth of exciting Positive Life Conferences across the United States in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Washington D.C. and New York. Discounts are available to all just by signing up prior to the conference.


For more information visit or for the benefits of advertising on HealthyLife.Net call Lannie Shaw at 800.555.5453.