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Manhattan Beach Business Needs Your Support

by Genie Davis

Learn more about how the radio station is faring during the coronavirus and what you can do to support them during this difficult time.

By Local Business Feature, Patch Staff     Apr 9, 2020 12:03 pm PT


The new coronavirus has changed life for all of us. Local businesses have taken a huge economic hit, but communities are finding creative ways to support the establishments they know and love.

In an effort to help local businesses in our communities stay connected and succeed, Patch will be shining a light on some of them through a series of Q&A articles during this time. Radio Network is one of the businesses in town facing struggles during the coronavirus. You can lend your support by reading more about the company, below, and by contacting them here.


Tell us about your business and its history in your town.

Started in 2002, Radio Network ( is the source for uplifting, positive news and talk programs, which broadcasts to 1.2 million listeners in 135 countries on over 65 syndicated distribution channels. In 2011, when traditional radio cut back on local programming, decided to give back to its local community and provide local programs by South Bay hosts that air on South Bay Saturdays which runs 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. PST. With over 40 expert hosts on health, self-care, lifestyle and spirituality, our positive programs have something for everyone and help people have a happy, healthy life.


How has the new coronavirus impacted your business and its employees?

Yes, but we carry on for the greater good to provide information and positive programming that entertains, enlightens and encourages people to eliminate the fear factor and understand that we are all one and in this together. Many hosts now call in, rather than come to the studio to do their show, and advertising has understandably dropped at this time.


How can local customers support you now and in the future?

We are 24/7 all positive talk with timeless programs that inspire, motivate and enlighten people to help with their isolation and loneliness. We even have call in programs with many doctors, therapists, psychologists and natural health experts to help people cope in these difficult times.


Do you have any words of encouragement for your community?

When this is over (and it WILL be over), our community will be kinder, stronger, more united and focused knowing we are all one and here for the greater good for all.


Are you offering any special services, promotions or hours during this time?

Listening Live, On Demand and by Podcast is always free at We will gladly air Free PSAs to help the community - send them to for review, and all branding/advertising packages are 25 percent off.


Are there any other outstanding businesses in town you think deserve some community support?

Honoring social distancing, it's hard to be specific. But I would say privately-owned small businesses, restaurants, grocery stores and musicians all fall under this category.



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